Legoland Malaysia

Have you ever imagined what Legoland Malaysia theme park looks like and why many tourists all over the world want to visit the place?

Let us take a tour on the creative minds of the building block makers LEGO which inspired the theme of whole place of the park. It was brought to life in Johor BahruMalaysia by the LEGO makers itself in the year 2012.

Legoland Malaysia theme park is an integration of a Water Park, The Lego land park itself and a hotel all in one place themed after the building blocks of LEGO. It is the first and only Legoland built in Asia.

In the entrance of the park, guests and tourists are welcomed by the famous Legoland arc where you can immediately take your selfie or picture together with your friends and family. The fun inside the park is divided by 7 themed areas of attraction made for the entire family which are The Beginning, LEGO Kingdoms, LEGO® Technic, Imagination, Land of Adventure LEGO City, and MINILAND.

The Miniland is a pretty amazing place that highlights the Legoland Malaysia theme park where historical and famous Asian landmark’s miniature versions have been recreated by the use of 30 million pieces of LEGO bricks that was put together. With just a touch of a button, people, trains, and airplanes comes to life in an interactive media world. Just really awesome!

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If you wish to relive old time legends and myths, you better get yourself into Lego Kingdom. You can spin like crazy in Merlin’s Challenge, enjoy shows at the Castle stage, choose whether to ride middle-aged roller coaster (The Dragon) or for ride the kids’ roller coaster (Dragon’s Apprentice) or compete in medieval horse saddling at Royal Joust, or play in a humungous playground at the Forestmen’s Hideout.

Relive the myths and legends by visiting the Lego Kingdom. The theme park got the crazy Merlin’s challenge that children of all ages could really enjoy. Watch the show live on the Castle stage, or ride the Dragon Apprentice and Dragon roller coasters made for kids and adult respectively. An awesome place to be in where you can enjoy time with the whole family.

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Try out Imagination’s Lego 4D Cinema to watch Lego movies that comes along with a 4D glasses that will surely give you the ultimate Lego viewing experience. Imagination encourages the guests to participate actively both guardians and the kids in building any LEGO structures that they can imagine. It is a really great way to tease our brain with this activity inside Imagination.


Lego City, according its name that literally means city of LEGO bricks. The children are at play here and there is no way that adult fit in the Fireman, Pilot and Ship Commanders costumes tailor-made just for the kids to live their dreams to become one of those.


The Beginning as the name suggest, is basically the land before time where the rule of dinosaurs are relived.


Lego Technique is your place to be if you’re looking for more exciting way to build the LEGO bricks suited for more need in creativity and technique as you can actually program a robot and bring it to life. Take a wild ride in the Project X with an 18 meters high roller coaster drop that will make you scream out loud for more. Try experience the tide of waves on the Wave Race ride.

You want adventure? Head out to the Land of Adventure for the thrill and experience of treasure hunting with different sets of missions like the Lost Kingdom, Pharaoh’s Revenge and the Beetle Bounce.

By going to the Legoland Malaysia water theme Park, twenty (20) big slides awaits that are all aimed to the swimming pools below. Children can actually have fun playing with water cannons head-to-head in Joker Soaker, one attraction in the water theme park where you will experience 350 gallons of water pour to everyone from a huge bucket that is hanging above. Really Nice!

Children can also build and customize their own raft made from LEGO soft bricks before they use it as a floater down the lazy river only at Build-A-Raft.

And finally head to the LEGO wave pool if you want to enjoy the water splash to beat the heat.

It is no wonder that so many people from different parts of the world want a piece of the action and visit Legoland in Malaysia as it offers pure entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

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