Guests and tourist are welcomed by Malaysia’s Tourism banner for this year 2015 with its “Beautiful Malaysia” campaign.  You can never go wrong when you visit Malaysia as there are always celebrations of festival happening elsewhere within Malaysia. Indulge your cravings with their international cuisines and explore great new places like no other only in Malaysia.



Melaka or Malacca is a city in Malaysia that you will find very interesting for its cultural and historical heritage just like any other historical places in the world. It will definitely fill your curiosity with knowledge for new and special things that you will find here in Melaka.

Melaka also offers local cuisines like curry beef and lamb. Yummy!

They got amazing places and attraction best for any kind of photo shoots like weddings, debuts, commercials and so much more. You will not be disappointed for the over-all tourist experience and activities in Melaka where it has abundant to offer. Don’t waste any of your time there explore, learn, eat and drink and just have all day fun in Melaka.

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A Famosa

A Famosa got its name from the Portuguese influences of Malaysia in the 16th century. Now a resort, the entire place of A Famosa where it is situated is surrounded by hills and the lushing countryside.

Enjoy the great view of A Famosa from the North to South Highway and walk your way going to the resort from the historical town of Melaka. can definitely pick you up from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport where it is just 30 minutes drive away.

The A Famosa resort also caters business and leisure altogether where you can do business deals while playing your favorite game of Golf in their golf course. It houses the Water World Theme Park, Cowboy Town, Animal World Safari, Resort Hotel, Cond-hotel and family Villas.


Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is a great and has more luxurious feel to offer 1,800 meters high on top of Gunung Ulu Kali. It is comprised with 5 star hotels, casinos and a theme park all in one place.

It highlights the overlooking view of the rainforest valleys below, the view is truly breathtaking for guest tourist could enjoy together with the cool breeze of the weather and the relaxing nature setting. A perfect setting also for weddings, anniversaries and other type of celebrations for the couples and soon to be one.


Cameron Highland

Let’s go green. Days are certainly great in Cameron highlands, a vast size of landscape and Malaysia’s most extensive hill sites that almost the same size as the Island of Singapore. If you want it to more quiet and peaceful getaway this is the perfect spot for you and your family. It houses many great hotels, luscious international cuisines and multi-cultural influence of different countries of the world.


Malaysia is just across the border from Singapore and can be easily reach through our Private Car Transport Service. Enjoy all these places which are just minutes and few hours drive away from international airports of Singapore and Malaysia.

Book your travel with us and let us take you there anytime! With these places we assure you that you will be relaxed and forget your worries for a while. We highly recommend that you visit these places and don’t forget to call us for your booking when it happens.

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Come and experience these relaxing destinations only in Malaysia.