Have you seen our finest fleets of MPV private car transportation? You have your own choice of the smoothest ride that MPVPrivateCar.com has from Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard and Hyundai Starex all capable of taking you to places of your travel.


Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova (5 pax with 2 cabin size luggage or 6 pax with backpacks)

The Toyota Innova is a utility vehicle made and designed to practically seat up to 7 to 8 passengers excluding driver. Its interior is designed to handle or accommodate your heavy luggages and has room to it. Outside, it is designed with a simpler look but ruggedly designed to handle such tough rides of family and personal travel all through out. When you hop-in you will notice how clean the interiors and shining exterior body. You will be impressed!


Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard (6 pax with 2 cabin size luggage or 7 pax with backpacks)

The Toyota Alphard is becoming the heavy favorite amongst our fleets of MPV private car transport and requested by most of our guests. It is because of its handsome look from the outside where you will see classic and premium beauty. On the inside, it provides more space for passengers and luggages altogether while you travel from Singapore to Malaysia and vice-versa. It is preferred also by corporation or companies for their business travel purposes. It seats up to 7 to 8 guest also excluding driver.

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Hyundai Starex

Hyundai Starex (7 pax with 4-5 cabin size luggage or 10 pax with backpacks)

Look out! Here comes our road monster.

The Hyundai Starex is your perfect choice if you want all you ask in a utility sports vehicle. It has versatility, comfortability, elegance and style that can seat up to 10 to 11 passengers excluding the driver while you travel with more space, leg room and rotating seats that you can arrange facing each other that can be use for short meetings while you wait to arrive your chosen destination. If you want it big well this is the best for you.

Now the choice is yours!

Whether it is business, leisure or personal travel going to the most exciting places in Malaysia remember to pick the most suitable MPV private car transport service from our fleets. We make sure that there are no hassles along the way like ordinary transport service out there in town because we are simply the best and number # 1 in the business.

We will take care of your luggages too. Our MPV’s are ruggedly build to withstand the toughest of rides whether out of town or just within the city limits.

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We are excited to serve you guys!